What’s your typical day like?
you know every day is diffe
rent, we don’t have a typical day you know this haha

Describe the typical BRUUG Girl?

The Bruug Girl is the sort of women that works as hard as she parties, hates that she loves carbs, laughs harden than anyone else when she stacks it, is fiercely loyal and is alway TEAM GIRL but know how to be one of the lads.

What’s your process like from initial design through to completion?

We are a little different to most labels. Our design to retail time frame is only a 3 month turn around, so as you can imagine it is quite a stressful process. I will sketch for over 2-3 weeks, often raw with only a concept in my mind – no mood boarding, just an idea of colours, fabrics and a particular construction that separates this collection from every other collection. This initial sketch period often involves 50-60 sketches, of which I am usually only have with 1/4. I will then take these sketches to Jess and my pattern maker and sampler Jaime. Together we will go through them, cull or as is often the case, re-design the whole collection. It is often this process that is most important to me. Jess is the researcher out of the two of us, so she will often compare it to other collections she has seen to make sure we aren’t too similar to any other label looks and Jaime is my realist, who reigns in some out there ideas and between us we really try to focus on the delicate line of wearability vs ‘fashionability’. The next stage of sketching usually yields most results and I end up really forming a collection in my mind and the visuals become so much clearer. Then Jaime toiles, we go through the fitting process and make adjustments. Then we take these toiles to our incredible team in Indonesia. From there I select fabrics and fine tune our colour selections, because we custom dye our fabrics. And then finally we sample in the final fabrics and colour options. Safe to say you don’t really want to be around me during this period. 🙂


What are the positives of being a Perth based label?

Definitely the Perth creatives we get to work with, the amazingly talented photographers, producers, hair stylists and make up artists. Plus, Perth girls tend to be Bruug Girls which helps.

What is your biggest source of inspiration?

If I am completely honest what inspires me most is the ability to bring creativity into everyday life.

What’s your own wardrobe like?

It’s pretty much whatever is current season Bruug. What the Bruug Girls are wearing, I’m wearing.

Where do you source your materials?

We source them from Indonesia, with cost and convenience being a major factor. However, they really do have a great selection of materials that are available. Once the business permits, we will begin to look in to our other options.


You’ve come along way from your popup store in Carillion City, what’s been the highlights so far?

  • The highlight of my business was finding Jess, my business partner, two years ago.
  • Getting the front cover of the STM when we first opened Carillon City
  • Opening our first official store on Oxford Street, Leederville.
  • All our involvement in the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival’s.

Tell us about the highs and lows of opening the new boutique on Oxford St?

Highs has been meeting all our new customers and seeing the overall positive response to the label has been very motivating. The lows would probably revolve around the constant obsession with expenses, like rent.

Your take on Perth fashion & style?

I think Perth is a real melting pot when it comes to culture and style, which is what I love so much about it.

What plans do you have for the future of BRUUG?

Getting through the next six months of rent – haha

Favourite collection so far?
February March 2016

What’s this seasons (AW16) must have?

Anything Bruug, but seriously Bruug Wool Coats.


Leave us with some words of wisdom.

‘Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad’.